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Question- Thank you Inna, my hair is falling out with the bulbs, I do not know how to treat them, I tried many masks, but all in vain, I tried to drink vitamins, too, no result, what else can help my hair? The answer to the doctor, trichologist-

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Question- Hair loss lasts for several years, diseases as such has not been, suffering from osteochondrosis, well I do not think that this is the cause of hair loss, thank you very much, I will definitely listen to your advice, I wanted to ask what you can recommend effective masks against hair loss? Answer from the doctor, trichologist

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I am pretty sure that osteochondrosis is one of the reasons for hair loss, believe me. Especially in the cervical area there is a vasospasm in the head and the hair follicles are not getting enough nutrition. We need massage not only the cervical spine, but also the scalp. Here we are and we found the cause of your hair loss. Take a course of massage the collar zone and head 10-15 visits to the doctor and holistic treatment + rubbing stimulants for hair growth (a lot of them on the market now - better to take production of Germany, Italy and France) and you all normalized. I was glad to help you...

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Thank you so much Inna, I will follow your advice!